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Topic: Looking for MIPS system-on-module

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I need SoM for developing custom communication device with different peripheral interfaces.
The device should preferably have MIPS CPU architecture and low cost.
For cheap ARM solutions I will be grateful also.

You could try the Hi-Link M04, it's original purpose is wifi to RS232.  It uses RT5350 (Mips24kec SOC) and runs linux.  I'm sure you could put OpenWRT (with Squonk's patches) on the device and use it as a general purpose device.  At $11USD, it's also very cheap.  I have several and they work well.  One note is that without an external antenna, the wifi signal from the chip antenna is rather weak - say 15m or so.

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Or, an inexpensive Android based GoogleTV USB dongle on a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU clocked @1.5GHz with 1GB RAM + 8GB NAND. You can get this for as little as US$35 from AliExpress.

oschemes wrote:

You could try the Hi-Link M04, I have several and they work well.

true. really well. i had mine set up to upload data to, and for 2 weeks straight now, no problem at all, still uploading every 15sec.

Here is short list:

Gainstrong EL-M150

V-Solution WLM113

Unknown AP-900M-A

Asia-RF AWM002

TopLink TOP-AP01

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