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Topic: Tp-link is going to use MTK chipsets instead of Artheos?

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I find that in China tp-link's sub brand--Mercury is using MTK chipset instead of Artheos.For example,we found MT7620N in its newest product MW305R. … 8e.jpg?170 … 78.jpg?202
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I personal doubt Tp-link is going to use MTK chipset instead of artheos to reduce manufacture cost,too.
Maybe openwrt devs should consider porting openwrt to MTK platform.

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MediaTek merged with Ralink in 2011:

And the MT7620 is just the new chip from MediaTek: … hp?sn=1063

Basically, this chip brings a 2T2R 802.11n Wi-Fi radio, a 600 MHz MIPS24KEc, PCIe and SD-HC interfaces, but also support for the draft IEEE 802.11ac 1T1R standard to be approved later this year, with 80/160 MHz channel bandwidth for STAs and 256-QAM modulation, bringing 500Mbps/1Gbps WLAN throughput. (

So, Mercury is not not just replacing Atheros 802.11n chips, but they are anticipating 80211ac, for which Atheros (now Qualcomm) has not much to offer yet ( … p;news=802).

The "MTK paltform" is nothing more than a newer MISP24KEc CPU, the problem will be more to get access to the SoC specification to make all the peripherals work (including wireless), as they both keep their datasheet under NDA.

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Almost all dual band routers from TP-LINK that have been using Atheros chipsets can't be bought any more and are replaced by models with Mediatek chips sad

There is no WDR3600 in Europe anywhere nor WDR4300 models... some Archer C5 and C7 models are still available, but most of models that I can buy in EU webshops are Mediatek chipsts.

Do you know of any other brand name of routers that still uses Qualcomm/Atheros chipsets?

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