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Topic: TP-LINK announce the 802.11ac product:TL-WRD7500

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jow wrote:



What is Broadcom? On the board the QCA9558 is an Atheros SoC.


Oh, I confused it with something else - thanks for the correction.

just 499RMB

b21500 wrote:

just 499RMB

just about US65.....

Today, in 11n 72Mbps / 150Mbps connection,
the actual data throughput in still less than 50Mbps in max in my devices.
normally it is just around 15Mbps......even the connection show 150Mbps

Really want to know if 11ac can impress me.

I have a TL-WDR7500 11AC router. My speeds went up from 12MBPS internet on Apple Airport Extreme to 50MBPS. But, tons of problems attached.

Every 12 hrs, any machine connecting to the router will get connection timeout.

The usb ports doesnt work with 3TB and above HDD

Video streams stops after 5 minute on every video no matter which service YouTube and Netflix

It's a bad news.Some days ago I also want to buy this device,but my $ is not enough ...
Now the openwrt don't support this device.You can get some help from TL-LINK.

I wish I had wifi links with higher stability and better resilience.
I can wait for gigabit links while I enjoy a good 2-4 mbps link all over my house.
Then we'll need gigabit wireless NICs (not USB, of course) and possibly gigabit DSLs!

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