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Topic: Reverse Engineering the TL-MR3040

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Well, I finally got my MR11U (which was so kindly modded by slboat) in the mail today to replace my bricked MR3040. I figured it would be a a nice occasion to sacrifice it in the name of science. So I desoldered the SOC and some of the other bulky components and took some high resolution (600 dpi) scans of the PCB. Some of the traces have been damaged due to my sub-par soldering skills.

Click on the images below for the full-sized ones. Enjoy smile

Front Side

  • HST-0041SAR Ethernet Transformer (Group-Tek) @ T1


Back Side

  • AR9331 @ U1

  • AZV393 @ U11, U12

  • SS24A @ R228

  • Zentel SDRAM @ U2

  • Eon Flash ROM @ U3

Identified IC's:

  • AZV393 ( Datasheet): Dual Voltage Comparator @ U11, U12

  • TPS61085 ( Datasheet): DC-DC Step-Up Converter (TI) @ U9

If anyone needs a specific close up or part number, please let me know

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Hi Jarocks,

Have you drawn the power supply schematic at all?

Do you know if there is a power switching transistor or power switch IC in the battery circuit or the 5V circuit?

Is there a control pin that lets the MR11U power itself down, ie kill its own power supply? (they might do this so it down't always go flat when you leave it on)

I want to be able to sleep these, so they can run off battery for prolonged periods. (The peripheral i2c chip will wake them up again.)
I am looking for the easiest modification to power them up and down.

Hey thanks to both of you for explain us about this router.

Crun, I supose that you don't get a software solution for your router, like a patch for OpenWRT but... finally do you find another "external solution" like a external timer solded to SW1?

Or maybe do you know another battery-powered router better for to get this feature (go to sleep and wake up again).

Thank you in advanced.

There is any solder that can be done to get more current on USB port?, I want to connect an external Hard Drive but there isn't enough to spin up the disk.

braian87b: most of the time usb is capable to run 2.5" external usb drive .There is only 2 things need to be done
one make sure that disk is set to low powert startup operation ,and to be sure of power supply add button size 'supercapacitor' in parallel to +5V usb output to give current boost when needed. It work great for me in wr703n

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