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Topic: Hot deal!! 64MB RAM upgrade, 8 chips for $8!

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IMPORTANT: Just ask the seller if he has a module with  HY121622 chips. Otherwise he will send any random 512MB module!

While searching options for upgrading my router's RAM,  I found this: … 4ac08dba33

Its crazy cheap!
A 512MB SODIMM module, EIGHT HY5DU121622AT-D43 chips (this is the fastest, DDR400 CL3 - tRCD3 - tRP3), for only $7.90!
I've just bought it! I thought it was interesting to share, so I'm posting this.


I have received the RAM, but sadly, it didn't came as in the photo.
It had 64Mx8 chips (HY5DU12822) instead 32MX16 (HY5DU121622)  sad. Damn!
I contacted the seller, he was very kind!, He searched for other module and sent me another RAM module with the HY121622 chips, FOR FREE!.
Anyway, I sent a payment to him for his good intentions!

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512MB/64MB=8, so must be EIGHT chips, a dollar a chip. Crazy cheap indeed. Should hint the guy to at least double the price...

Oops . That's true, this is a bit embarrasing lol

Upgraded my wr741 v3 and wr740n v4 to 64MB, all working ! big_smile

dabyd64 wrote:

Upgraded my wr741 v3 and wr740n v4 to 64MB, all working ! big_smile

Good information for me.

it work in wrt941nd v 3.6??

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