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I have a linksys wrt54gs v1 that has been flashed to run the FairuzaWRT software that was created by hacker pimps.

Any ideas how i can re flash to something else entirely?

at home i see this.
The Hacker Pimps

Welcome to FairuzaWRT Linux

Brought to you by The Hacker Pimps

Special thanks go to the OpenWRT Project
I can ssh to root, but don't have any documentation for resetting the parameters, wifi password etc. Hacker pimps site is dead. the router obviously works but i have no interest in using this advanced software. every flash util i try to run fails.

Hi mate,
I probably could help you using fairuzaWRT firmware since I'm aware of how to use WRT linksys router CLI.
Could you list me the different ways you tried to flash your router?
Moreover, I'm actually looking for fairuzaWRT firmware to flash my WRT54GL you have any idea where I can find this firmware ?


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