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Topic: Does TP-LINK TL-ER5120 work?

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Ok, did some more research and I quite like the TP-LINK TL-ER5120 as it is simple and fast. Can I install OpenWRT on it, does anyone know?


I'm a newbe, I have never used OpenWRT before, so please bare with me. I'm trying to figure out what router I should buy, your suggestions are very welcome, maybe someone even has something they want to sell.

I'd like a router that let's me install OpenWRT via the original firmware (or has it installed already), because it's really not my terrain, I do websites, barely any true programming. I like using the Terminal to do some things like rsync-ing my backup drives etc, but that's basically it.

The router has to be capable of bundling four ADSL2+ connections via MLPPP (on package-level, no load balancing, it all has to be available to one single device). I don't mind using external Modems and plugging them in through WAN and I only need one free LAN Port to connect to the WAN Port of another device, managing the rest of the network. I don't need nor mind WiFi either, I'd never turn it on anyway.

In case someone asks: Yes, my ISP supports true MLPPP, where the multiple PPP connections are bundled into one logical link, that then can be used by one device, effectively increasing bandwidth.

Thank you for your hardware suggestions and maybe some pointers on OpenWRT I should know that aren't in the documentation.

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I am also interested if openwrt can be installed on tl-er5120

the tl-er5120 has this cpu:
OCTEON™ CN30XX Single Core MIPS64 Based Embedded Processors
So this is a RISC 64-bit Processor running at 500MHz.

16KB Instruction Cache
8KB Data Cache
2KB Write Cache
128KB L2 Cache

it is compatible with openwrt?

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