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Topic: Routers with excellent prices(TL-MR12U, TL-MR13U,TL-WR703N,tl-mr11u)

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New routers and old ones with excellent prices....(Very good routers for mobile applications like PIRATEBOX and LIBRARYBOX).

How to Bulit A PirateBox

Video Description of the PirateBox Project

How to Built a LibraryBox

TL-MR12U ( Not yet openwrt supported a shame because they have very good  specifications and built in battery.)

TL-MR13U (Support ...Wip  hope soon this router get very good community working on it  have very good  specifications and built in battery.  the battery lasts about 30 hours continue working) … bile+power

Tp-link portable routers (chinese web page, google translated)

TL-WR703N (price 99 yuan = 16 us dollars) Very Cheap

Tp-link tl-mr11u (Tp-link mr 3040) (165 yuan =27 us dollars) Very Cheap

TP-LINK TL-MR3040 (price on amazon ... 49 us dollars)

Yuan to Us Dollars converter

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I bought MR-13U from the same seller you mention in first link, very recommendable. Very good prices.

Hello Otlabs, I bought the router Tl-Mr13u too, from this seller ... Highly recommended, great prices and with free shipping.   Quickly delivery. … 94232.html

So far I have not had time to work with it, hope soon to do

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