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Topic: Developing support for L7-N-R2000

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In Malaysia, one of our service providers, TM Unifi, provides the mentioned wireless router to their new customers. (L7-N-R2000). Judging by the admin interface it is a D-Link build. The insides consist of Realtek RTL8196C and Realtek RTL8192CE chips. After searching the router support database, I cannot find any suitable fit. Please advise.

Picture of the circuit board:

Picture of the web admin interface:

Hi henkisdabro,

I think in general, if I am not mistaken, REALTEK does not provide FULL support to open source community. That is why to get this router supported in OpenWrt (neither does DD-WRT, I read it somewhere in the wiki) will never happen in your life time (in my opinion). That is never see this model available (carrying REALTEK chipsets) in the support list.


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