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Topic: Easybox 904 LTE open source code to be provide soon

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Hello. if it is possible to run eb904 wifi in STA (ap-client) mode?

AFAIK no, I did some survey and I was at least able to scan availabe APs on a fixed channel, but no connect.
You have to: replace the module-insert param with mode=sta in /etc/init.d/rt3883, supply a proper iNIC_sta.bin, iNIC_sta.dat(1) firmware in the firmware directory (where iNIC_ap.bin resides), but then I was lost, some necessary
iwpriv settings where not possible, maybe I took a wrong firmware, but I have no more time for further investigations

@QAuge: I finally found some time to tinker with this device again. I upgraded to your latest snapshot (2018-03-29, sysupgrade leads to a boot loop so I did a full re-install with the new fullimage.img).

However, Wifi is not working anymore, the kernel module fails to load. This is from a fresh install with no customizations:

Thu Mar 29 05:06:48 2018 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S60rt3883: Insmod with MAC1=18:83:bf:65:b1:c6 and MAC2=18:83:bf:65:b1:c8
Thu Mar 29 05:06:48 2018 kern.warn kernel: [   79.299890] Warnning!! syncmiimac is foreced to 0 in dual concurrent mode.
Thu Mar 29 05:06:48 2018 kern.warn kernel: [   79.305419] ERROR! Please assign miimaster=[MII master device name] at module insertion.
Thu Mar 29 05:06:48 2018 daemon.err insmod: failed to insert /lib/modules/4.14.29/rt3883_iNIC.ko

Edit: This goes back to the 2018-02-26, i.e. all your squashfs/4.14 builds. I don't have that problem with Plonk34's build, so it seems not to be due to my hardware. Something that happened when you rebased your code?

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@QAuge, @Plonk34: I lost my notes on the topic a few months ago after I had to stop on reworking/comparing /lib/wifi/ But here's something I immediately noticed again: Your /lib/wifi/ is missing the code to set the wifi channel stated in /etc/config/wireless.

It's actually just one line that goes into /lib/wifi/, at or around line #240:

  append vif_post_up "iwpriv '$ifname' set SSID=$ssid " ";$N"
  # the following line sets the channel
  append vif_post_up "iwpriv '$ifname' set Channel=$channel" ";$N"
  append vif_post_up "iwpriv '$ifname' set Enable=1" ";$N"
  append vif_post_up "iwpriv '$ifname' set RadioOn=1 " ";$N"

Of note is that, for whatever reason, if wl000 is set to a channel > 48 it takes about minute until the wifi shows up, maybe even longer. Also I'm sure that I was able to in the past, but I can't get it to work with channels >= 100 anymore, it just never comes up.

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