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First of all What is PirateBox.....

How to Bulit A PirateBox

What is LibraryBox  ........

How to Built a LibraryBox

The Following Routers are now the best Supported For PirateBox & LibraryBox Use.

TP-Link TL-MR3020, TP-Link TL-WR703N,  TP-Link TL-MR3040,  TP-Link TL-MR11U,  TP-Link TL-WR1043ND, TP-link Tl-MR3420, Bufallo  WZR-HP-G300NH

Gallery Of photos of these Routers








For PirateBox  & LibraryBox Use is ideal battery powered Routers like (TP-Link TL-MR3040,  TP-Link TL-MR11U, currently supported By OpenWrt Both has 2000 mAh of Battery) But this new Tp link Routers give much more autonomy (TP-Link TL-MR10U,TP-Link TL-MR12U,TP-Link TL-MR13U, But these babies has 2600 mAh, 5200 mAh, 10400 Mah respectively but now have limited support TL-MR10U, and TL-MR12U,TL-MR13U have now no support.....................WHO CAN HELP Porting Openwrt to these Routers...............      smile

Prices Of new Routers

The following Duration of the battery operation is based on a regular use with an usb attached...

TP-Link TL-MR3040,  TP-Link TL-MR11U The battery last 5 to 6 hours.
TP-Link TL-MR10U the battery lasts 7-8 hours.
TP-Link TL-MR12U the battery lasts 15 hours.
TP-Link TL-MR13U the battery lasts 31-32 hours.(this router have 2 usb , 1 that is used for connect any usb device , flash drive , hard drive, and the other usb can provide 2000 mAh of charging any usb device.)

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If the OpenWrt Comunity do the porting of openwrt to the new battery powered Routers there is no need of doing this

jmac928 wrote:

If the OpenWrt Comunity do the porting of openwrt to the new battery powered Routers there is no need of doing this

He-he-he! LibraryBox container! So funny! Recently I saw a Indiegogo project for something similar - … wse_v=new. They got funds. Oh, no! They have not! They got 194 of 5,000. He-he-he! Looks like new TP-Link TL-MU10U will cost much less than these external batteries.

Thats why i am hoping the hackers comunity help this beautiful proyect of pirateBox and LibraryBox.... no sopa law... the Piratebox is the future of file sharing without fear of being shut down.

What do "hackers" have to do with SOPA? If this law is faulty by design, an thinking citizen should advocate for a change of the "stupid" parts, wouldn't you "think"?
Why would "hackers" be interested in the "future of file sharing"?

If you have a FOSS software which is interesting, package it as a opkg-package and offer it to the public. Feel free to write a howto for this package in the wiki.  For example, here is a howto for µMurmur:

If you personally are that into file-sharing, feel free to groom documentation for DC and ADC protocols. It can also be usefull for "chatting" in a library, if you type silently ;-)

Congratulations! You got attention of PirateBox people and they provide flash images for several TP-Link wireless routers with rechargeable batteries.

jmac928, you got an interesting discussion on that forum. I found several interesting links there. May I ask you to comment on how comes that spare battery for TP-Link TL-MR11U costs more than the unit with the battery? MR11U has very nice design (it got the RedDot design award if I remember right) so it would be good to have it in collection of routers!

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Edit:  swapped posts about PirateBox

kirschwasser wrote:

Hm, GPLv3, so why isn't it available in the OpenWrt-Repository?

I couldn't find a link to the source-code.

Yes and no. That is not 100% of the story. Because of changing the responsibility and the lack of support by CR, I forked the mkPirateBox stuff. The current source for the OpenWRT-Package can be found here:
But since version 0.3 it shares the same "core" code like running on RaspberryPI or Laptops. This core code is an image-file mounted to /opt/piratebox ; the sourcecode for the core-scripts version in v0.6 and for the most recent mkPirateBox can be found here:

I'm currently working on improving the Makefiles and so on, to get it better fit into the OpenWRT environment.
I'm extracting the source-code for the external-filesystem "management" to an extra package, so it's getting easier to reuse. The new packages (alpha) are here ( ) and are really alpha version. This github feed can be included in the build-environment (like described on the wiki for building OpenWRT for your own).

The current images are built based upon AA-stable and the stuff for building thos is located here:
On the trunk Branch is the Makefile I use for building based on the trunk-tree.

Why did I created those images? Well, when the MR3020 was supported by OpenWRT it was via trunk only. Because of the "instable" state of the repository, there were a lot of problems with not fitting kernel modules. That was the reason why I did that.

With the new images, I published a small repository covering all the target-system, because of no binaries. Because final ipk file is not exactly lilke the needs it, it copied and modified it. It is only temporary, so please don't bother me because of that.
This repository can be used in opkg.conf, and I created an ipk file for the imagebuilder, that inserts that repository into it. (add-openwrt-opkg.conf).

I'm sorry, that jmac raided the OpenWRT wiki with all the entries about PirateBox. I think a small page about that is a good solution and I aready wrote a few lines more about it this morning.

opkg-package Repository:
custom images on AA-stable:

And LibraryBox = it what? and why do they use the piratebox-logo:

LibraryBox was born out of Piratebox, that was the reason Jason reused the image those days. For a few days he released a complete new logo:
Currently they still use the old piratebox-0.3 codebase with a heavily modified droopy and a python directory-listing. They are going to move over toward a normal webserver soon (hopefully).

who maybe forgot to update links at the wiki post. only wanted to answer some questions.

I am confused. This is Droopy:

And this is also droopy:

But for chatting and file sharing, I'd still go with "direct connect"/"advanced direct connect", even though most people don't have an adc-client installed on their mobile devices.

Yes, true. And believe me, it is always fun to find the original (unmodified) droopy without having it's url - not.

Sure, you know... PirateBox is more for People who not uses DC or whatever. But in fact, it develops more to a common plattform for different kind of use-cases... because of the users.

I.e. on CryptoPartyFFM the owner provides the software ( i.e. Thunderbird, GPGP, Ubuntu ), because at their place (café) is no internet

I do not understand why you offer entire images?

This is like somebody was offering firmware-images with pre-installed nginx though nginx can be installed on ANY device running OpenWrt via

opkg install nginx

What would be the point of that? I'd rather have some documentation for the nginx-package then download and install some firmware images somebody offers on the Internet. We are not windows-users, you know?

Is the TL-MR10U flashed from the web gui?

[Edit] Nevermind, I see that it is.

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I bought the router Tl-Mr13u , from this seller ... Highly recommended, great prices and with free shipping.   Quickly delivery. … 94232.html

So far I have not had time to work with it, hope soon to do


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