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Topic: How to have titles for Internet radio streams

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Hello everybody!
Im using mpd and mpc in an openwrt installation I have in my router and BitMPC in my Android to control it.

Everything is working fine, Im just trying to make it more user-friendly.

I have one m3u playlist in the playlists dir which I load on startup and from my mpc I can see and select the radio I want by selecting its URL from a list of URLs.
Sometimes this can be http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8000/bbc_radio.mp3 which is self explanatory which station it is but sometimes it can be http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8000 which obviously means nothing to people who dont memorise IPs like me

I did my research for some hours (I usually prefer to spend a few extra hours finding suggestions and experimenting rather than fire away posts in forums) and I have found the following:
-Standard m3u files do not support titles
-Extended m3u files support titles using the following format:
-The playlists directory of mpd (the one specified in mpd.conf) is only for mpd to store its own playlists and mpd supports standard m3u format only hence the extra data that ExtM3U supports are ignored when loaded.
-MPC can read ExtM3U if the playlist is loaded from another directory than the playlists directory

And here is the problem. If I run:
mpc load /home/test.m3u

I get the following message:
loading: /home/test.m3u
error: ACK [2@0] {load} playlist name "/home/test.m3u" is invalid: playlist names may not contain slashes

Any hints?

I think you have to put the playlist file into the playlist directory and the load it by its name only, the mpd load command is not meant to accept arbritary paths.

However this is not really OpenWrt related but a standard mpd usage question.

Thanks jow!
I have already posted it on MPD forum but looks like a very inactive community and was wondering if any other fellow openwrt user can give me a hint if they use openwrt in a similar way.
You are right on what you say but If I have the .m3u file in the playlists dir (and then load it only by its name: mpc load test) then standard m3u is used (and shows only the URLs) and not extended which would read the title fields I want to include in the first place.

Has anyone found a workaround on this?
Thanks again for your patience on this kinda off-topic post.

Hey, I have exactly the same issue! I've been surfing around for over an hour now and your thread is still the closest to my problem.

I have set up a mpd server at work and people were complaining that in the radio station m3u names are ip addresses. So I would like to list the Radio Station Names secified with extm3u

I know this is not the perfect forum but it is a piece of software running on my openwrt tp-link router and I hope that someone here has experience with mpd/mpc

Apparently mpd can read extm3u but the culprit is mpc not letting me play any playlists outside of the standard /.mpd/playlists directory

using "mpc load /root/test.m3u" will not load the playlist from there.

does anyone have any idea if i can load extm3u playlists from a non specified directory with mpc?

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I've given up on this one and memorised the IP/URL and its position in the list tongue
To be honest as its for my home, me and my gf listen to 5-6 stations max so its not that hard, but reading your post I realised another workaround...
If you have a decent modem/router you can set a redirect there and redirect http://mpd.BBCRadio1.local to http://<Radio1-IP> for each station in you playlist and then change your playlist from IPs to be "fake" URLs (and easily identifiable) that will be picked up by your router and get redirected. Will try that at some point but I dont see why it would not work.

As I already said, yes its a big workaround and maybe for some too much of a hassle but I like experimenting and most importantly making it exactly the way I want it wink

hey guliver,

thanks for your reply! i still can't believe how much time i wasted yesterday to make this work... it seems like such a simple thing to do wink
anyways, your workaround sounds plausible and will probably work but will not work in my case. At home I could make it work on openwrt but at work I set up mpd on an old imac.

One workaround I'm using to seperate stations by musical style is to have fake http addresses in the list like http://----80s----
My girlfriend and me got used to the IP addresses as well to be honest so it's not that big of a deal, especially because once you click on them with Mpod you see the station, bitrate, artist and title. Still, it would be nice to use EXTM3U

One other cool thing I figured out is having music playing once I enter the apartment through IP pings of my phone: … 8#24269698

Here is my list which is still WIP in case you are interested 80s --- 90s --- Africa --- Bondi --- Breakbeat --- Chill --- Classical --- Comedy --- Funky --- Hawaii --- House --- Jungle --- Mixtapes --- Reggae-Dancehall --- Rockabilly --- Swing ---

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I'm using the following workaround using MPDroid in android to control mpd:

- Create 1 file for each radio station with the proper naming under playlists folder:

nano "JazzRadio - Fusion Lounge.m3u" -->

- In MPDroid go to playlists and you'll see:

JazzRadio - Fusion Lounge

- Repeat for all your radio stations and you're done

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That dgatf seems even simpler and better than the rest on this thread to be honest! smile
Well done!

Same problem here. But I found that in MPDroid you can append "#Radio Station Name" to the entries in the m3u file.

MPDroid creates a playlist for its "Streams" feature, which is formatted like this:

cat data/mpd/playlists/\[Radio\ Streams\].m3u 
http://dradio-ogg-dl ... gg_dlf_l#Deutschlandfunk
http://dradio-ogg-dk ... kultur_l#Deutschlandradio Kultur
http://dradio-ogg-dw ... wissen_l#DRadio Wissen
http://wdr-3.akacast ... et/wdr-3#WDR 3
http://wdr-5.akacast ... et/wdr-5#WDR 5
http://funkhaus-euro ... s-europa#Funkhaus Europa
http://swr-mp3-m-swr ... 3-m-swr2#SWR 2
http://br-mp3-br-kla ... lassik_m#BR Klassik

Now MPDroid displays these "hashtags" insead of the URL, but somehow I can’t make this work with mpc client, which is how I control it on my laptop.

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