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Topic: Tenda A6 (RT5350) USD 15 router

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The Tenda A6 (apparently a sister company of TP-LINK) is a very cheap (USD 15 shipped, e.g., on Aliexpress) router with onboard USB, WLAN and Ethernet, powered by the RT5350 chip. According to it has 4 MB flash and 32 MB RAM.

From what I could find on the net, this appears to be one of the lowest-cost routers that I could find with hardware that appears like it could work in OpenWRT. Also, from the pictures it looks like there are large easy-to-solder pads for a serial console on the PCB.

Might be a serious contender for the TL-WR703N.

Is this supported, or is anyone working on it?

Yes, these are both very interesting devices. Do you know whether the  Hame A5 is supported already?

> Might be a serious contender for the TL-WR703N.

Hardly, because A6 lacks USB host port (there's one on PCB, but unpopulated). Also, prices on Aliexpress grow, which breaks all cheap magic :-D

we are working in patch to support Tenda A6. You can find patch to Barrirer Breaker and Trunk (Chaos Calmer) in … r/tenda_a6
You can install without connect serial to TP1 and TP2. You need make a initramfs and sysupgrade versions. And install ram version from web interfaces (in original firmware).
After initramfs is installed you can install sysupgrade version with sysupgarde -n ...

Hi, @agusti
there snapshot compiled with the patch for the Tenda A6?

I want test.

Hello, also waiting for that to try on a Tenda A6 V3.0  smile

Now there is also a Tenda A5; possibly a similar device but with an integrated power plug. Can someone confirm that the innards are similar?


I've tested the patch from the wiki page with the latest version (Chaos Calmer). The image works. (It boots successfully) However the ethernet port is not working, i cannot ping any device from the router.

Does anyone have an idea why?


OK figured out why it is not working. It has something to to with the changes introduced in

It seems this workaround leads to a fail configuration of the ethernet switch on the tenda a6. To be honest I don't know what all these settings mean, so I removed the "failsafe workaround" as I do not need it anyway.


hello, im new in this group.

i have build openwrt for tenda a6 to. i use trunk release (chaos calmer r46715) with last patch and work fine.

Hello, i just bought a Tenda A6 and installed OpenWrt using files from here: … oting.html

I only installed initramfs and then sysupgrade image.

Everything seems to work fine, but if i unplug the power supply of the router, all settings are lost.

I also got a A6.patch file and A6.dts file but i don't know what to do with them.

help is really appreciated

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