I have a working source tree to compile the toolchain for most realtek SoC's (openrsdk 1.3.6)

I've got openwrt compiling for a RTL8196c, using an external toolchain; and can compile the toolchain from source; the only thing I'm missing, is how to go about adding toolchain patches and architectures.

The RSDK toolchain bastardizes the mipseb toolchain; so obviously I need some way to only introduce this patch for targets that call specifically for the rsdk toolchain.

Also; once I get the complete patch set created, and compiling properly on more than 1 platform; who do I need to talk to about getting the patches added to the official trunk?


EDIT: Drawing dead on this one again; I just bricked my last Sapido RB-1132v2.
Out of 10x RB-1132's:
4 are v1 (rtl8196bu, a 1-off of the rtl8196b; most code works; but all of the memory addresses are ... off...
3 bricked SPI flash from trying (intentionally or not) to replace the CFE (bootloader)
2 bricked SPI flash from burning out the SPI Flash from overwriting too many times (They still kind of work; but without jffs on the kernel, there's no bad block checks)
1 burned out the CPU from overuse (no heatsync, can't handle sustained bandwidth) (was running it as bridge; with the ethernet ports bonded)

I'm still working on the 8196BU; but it's unlikely that I'll ever get a full openwrt image compiling properly. There just are not enough 8196BU chips out there to make it worthwhile.


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