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Topic: HG553, can ping, but no telnet/ssh/tftp

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Im using Huawei HG553

Yesterday, i have a bad setting that blocked the router, so i have to do a 30sec reset.
Unfortunately i use the jffs2 128k rom that doesn't support failsave, so when i opened luci no found and no admin panel. Honestly i don't know whats the different between jffs2 & squashfs when i install it.

I'm able to ping the router, so i know  it's alive.
But when i want to connect with Telnet / SSh it returned "refused".
Don't have any success with tftp as well.

Is there anything i can do revive the router?
Is it bricked yet?

problem solved.

looks like i got stuck with browser cache, the failsafe process did run, but i get redirected to the luci not found page, after clearing the cache, i can re upload the firmware. and everything back to normal.

hello gays a have problem plz help
i have router hg553 i try to flash hem witsh openwrt-HW553-squashfs-cfe like this tutorial in this website  i do step by step but the router is like dead noting to show and the I'm not able to ping the router, so i know  it's dead but wen i conect the router tp pc via cable i show

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