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Topic: Send different DNS servers to different hosts

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Ok, so is there a way for me to get dnsmasq to send a different DNS server to a machine based on it's MAC or IP address?

Something like, my WiFi clients have their open DNS server and my wired clients use a different server.

Or, a more practical example, my kid's laptop has one DNS server and my personal machine uses another.  This would allow me to limit the sites that the kid laptop could resolve.

I found an even BETTER method (using UCI).  From here:

The section is called "Classifying Clients And Assigning Individual Options"

I added this section to my dhcp config:

config mac
        option mac '<macaddress>'
        option networkid 'specialdns'
        list   dhcp_option '6,<dns>'

where <macaddress> is the mac of the machine that I want to have the specific dns server and <dns> is the IP of the DNS server.

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