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Topic: WGT634U: Bluetooth USB modules

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I do not have build toolchain (yet, looks like I will need it since all build kamikaze stuff are available only at - thanks to Yasha) and I even lazy and brave enough to setup openwrt via netgears web interface. I should report - it works exactly as it should. I did not bothered about wireless, but what I am really do care at the point - is bluetooth, and looks like I can not find hci_usb module anywhere, I assume it should be in kmod-bluetooth. Am I wrong or it is a matter of few minutes fix? Thanks in advance.


Thanks to Yasha who supplied us with those compiled Kamikaze I have updated modules once in a while and have bluetooth fixed and it works the way it should. Thanks again. I am really sad to hear you are closing your compilations and it could be, although should not be, for good. Since if people brave (that is me ;-)) or stupid enough to go with experimental setup... Well they are on their own. But as I said - it should not be - because more people using it - more feedback you get and of course simple questions will prevail.

But turning to the bright side - thanks to Yasha again - - this is what we struggling users/testers of WGT634U/Kamikaze really need. It is not a secret that WhiteRussian does not work on Netgear thus all owners of it _forced_ to use Kamikaze (same owners know what quality is original firmware - so they are already on the razorz edge;-)). I wish there will be more people/devs willing to fill in gaps of this wiki. Thanks for great help.


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