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Topic: TP-Link 703n external antenna modification

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Hi guys,

Finally got around to setting up the external antenna modified 703n as a solar powered 3G relay site.

I have a Sierra 320U Modem + 703n (running OpenWRT - ROOter), remotely located and solar powered.

I am using the 703n WIFI (AP mode) to provide a link to a TP-Link TL-WA701ND V1 (Client mode) also running OpenWRT.

The WIFI link path is 600m from the relay site to the farm house.

A few pictures is worth a thousand words. smile

PunBB bbcode test

PunBB bbcode test

PunBB bbcode test

PunBB bbcode test

I had two 19dBi 2.4Ghz grid packs 'lying around' so I've pressed these into service.

Initially the level was too hot driving the receiver into overload, reducing the link throughput.

I reduced the Tx power in both routers to 10dBm in lieu of 20dBm) and it is now fine. A couple of 10dBi (rather than 19dBi) antennas would be perfect for this link with the AP's at full power. In fact with the AP at full power I could happily connect directly to the relay site with a laptop at home on the patio. That's pretty neat 600m for a humble 703n.

The following screen captures show the link levels etc.

PunBB bbcode test

As you can see the Rx levels of both routers are identical.

This antenna mod works exactly as it should.

PS the sky is blue coz I'm in Oz. wink

PPS the power requirements are tiny. A 40W solar panel runs the show with ease.

Great stuff. Pics certainly make a difference in visualising the setup.

I already have a cable like this (U.FL IPX to RP-SMA female RF Pigtail Cable Jumper for PCI Wifi Card): … p;_sacat=0

Does it suite or should I order one mentioned in PDF (u fl/ IPX to RP SMA male pigtail cable)?

hryamzik wrote:

Does it suite ...?

That'll be fine.


@Wahroonga Farm
Looks like a really great work you've got there.
Also seems like a nice quiet place

Thanks for the info about the antenna mod, looking forward to do mine (WR710N - identical to 703N...)

And still going strong! smile

So wich way is better for 703n – J1 or cutting tracks?

Best to read this thread and work it out for yourself. smile

Is this antenna mods can be adapted to the TL-MR11U?
I could be interested to do it and post here..
here the wiki of mr11u for the one who knows how to check correctly if the same antenna hack can works : (there are photos and all)

I like when people are not forgotten, even if maybe this was a fool questions, so, the last question too :

hryamzik wrote:

So wich way is better for 703n – J1 or cutting tracks?

I think i will soon get the hot air stuffs and all, for now i'v only a cheap soldering iron, with very big "head", so it should not work or be too much difficult.

Theses are very nice stuffs, thanks for sharing to everybody smile

Hi hagfera,

The TL-MR11U looks the same as the 703n and MR3020.

So a similar approach may be made by either cutting the track at the antenna and using a coaxial cable connection or PCB RP-SMA Edge  connector; but not sure how you make an antenna connection inside the case?

Here is a section of the board photo from the Openwrt TL-MR11U WIKI

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