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Topic: OpenVPN: What are the "PKCS11_MODULE_PATH" and "PKCS11_PIN" variables?

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I'm reading the wiki page for OpenVPN ( )as I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN server. There are some variables in file /etc/easy-rsa/vars which need to be changed:

export PKCS11_MODULE_PATH=changeme                                     
export PKCS11_PIN=1234

And I don't know what to put there.

What's the PKCS11 MODULE PATH?

And what about the PIN?
What's it's usage?


Can someone please guide me on how to overcome the above please?
Doesn't anyone use OpenVPN?

These variables are only relevant for "cryptographic tokens", i.e. keycards or dongles or similar devices. If you don't use those, you can safely ignore these variables.

Thank you metai.

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