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Topic: [SOLVED] Firewall doesn't create WAN6 Zone

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Hi everyone,

today i installed ipv6 (with aiccu and SixXS) on my OpenWRT router and everything works fine up to the firewall.

The firewall doesn't recognise the new WAN6 zone.
It's not listed in the system log and the chains for wan6 are missing.

Any ideas?

Network conf

config interface 'wan6'
    option proto 'static'
    option ifname 'sixxs0'
    option send_rs '0'
    option auto '1'
    option ip6addr '2001:XXXXXXXXXXXXX::2/64'
    option ip6gw '2001:XXXXXXXXXXXXX::1/64'

Firewall conf

config zone
    option name 'wan6'
    option network 'wan6'
    option output 'ACCEPT'
    option forward 'REJECT'
    option conntrack '1'
    option input 'DROP'

config forwarding
    option dest 'wan6'
    option src 'lan'

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