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Topic: WA901ND v3

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in WAN interface >> physical settings

create a bridge over specified interfaces should be checked or unchecked?

and in wireless interface
choose the networks you want to attach to this wireless interface
which one should be checked?

so all the hustle was for the lower case wan -_-

THanks a bunch <3

Hi so i need one more help i searched a lot found some solutions but they are too difficult for me

what i want to do is block some url for every device connected except two
i have installed tinyproxy also have iptables installed but i dont know how to configure
is there any web interface?
if not then please let me know how can i achieve what i am looking for

Is there anyone with the openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wa901nd-v3-squashfs-factory-12.09.bin file needed for first flash? The dropbox link is dead. Can't find it anywhere cause every site links to that dropbox.

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I don't know about v3, but I was able to update a v4 directly through the web interface using a standard release LEDE 17.01.4 image. You could give it a shot.

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