Hello all,

I have a netgear DG834G and want to see if I can get WDS support on it.  I have looked on this site for the OpenWRT firmware, which I used to have on a WRT54g.

Since moving house and converting to ADSL internet, I thought the DG834G would suit me well, but Im finding that the broadcast range of the router is inferior to the WRT54g.  I have an Airport Express base station (the streaming iTunes thing) which does WDS, and I want to use it to boost my network coverage.

Can I hack the normal firmware to enable WDS, or will I have to be brave and put the OpenWRT firmware on it?

The 'supported hardware' page on this site lists the firmware as a WiP for my DG834G, and its page (AR7) doesnt seem to give me any hope that the firmware works at all on my box...

...can anyone clarify this or point me in the right direction?