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Topic: Kismet on WGT634U madwifi-ng or not ?

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Hi, i've build today openwrt image for this router i've add madwifi-ng driver for ath0 wirless card but i've see that the version of kismet is too old for support madwifi-ng drivers... My question are:
1. Exist anyone that have build new version of kismet for this router?
2. Madwifi(old) works with kismet, i've try with kamikaze and they don't works...
3. A method to works kismet under wgt634u smile

Thank you for reply, regards.

Dragorn has instructions for building with the new devel source on (works with madwifi-ng, broadcomm, ipw2100, ipw2200, and all kinds of other interfaces that the "release" doesn't). … e=20051219

The build is the same as for the wrt54G. I have several drones up on both wgt634u's and wrt54Gs. The 634u's are much more sensitive.

In a nutshell (assuming you're familiar with both kismet and openwrt build processes):

1) svn the current kismet-devel source down
2) compile per Dragorn's documentation, pointing at your own dev environment
3) configure a monitor interface on the box
4) configure for madwifing_g source pointing at the interface you created (or madwifing_ag if you have replaced the card with something nicer)
5) start up kismet_drone or kismet_server and knock yourself out.

Newcore works too, if you get adventurous.

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can anybody post here working configuration of kismet for wgt634u

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