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Topic: IPoE protocol support ?

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I try to connect my adsl line, but I guess my ISP uses the IPoE protocol, and I cannot find it as a choice for the wan interface.
Does openwrt support this protocol ?
Does it depend on my modem ? (TPLINK WR841N)

sincerely yours

Uhm, IPoE essentially means IP over ethernet, so most likely simply DHCP.

I think it is the same, but as DHCP didn't work, so I thought (hoped) IPoE was a different thing.

Also DHCP didn't work maybe because I haven't got the good parameters ("Client ID to send when requesting DHCP";  "Vendor Class to send when requesting DHCP", "Hostname to send when requesting DHCP").
I asked The ISP (Bouygues telecom) tech support for these parameters, they answered "we don't know, and we cannot reach those who know"

IPoE seems to be a short name for IPoEoATM, also named RFC1483 bridged, handeled by  br2684ctl module.
So I installed that module, and tried to enable such a connection, without any succes yet

I edited /etc/network/config with :

config atm-bridge
option unit '0'
option encaps 'llc'
option payload 'bridged'
option vpi '8'
option vci '36'
option atmdev '0'

config interface 'wan'
option ifname 'nas0'
option proto 'dhcp'

(vpi/vci are those known to be used by my ISP)
but connection doesn't work...

If I try to create the ATM bridge by hand, I get :

root@OpenWrt:~# br2684ctl -c 0 -e 0 -a 0.8.36
br2684ctl[2807]: Interface "nas0" created sucessfully
br2684ctl[2807]: Communicating over ATM 0.8.36, encapsulation: LLC
br2684ctl[2807]: Fatal: failed to connect on socket; No such device

Any idea ?


atm is for dsl modems, not ethernet routers.

right, but the TP LINK WR841N is a modem + a router

lol where did you read that???

That model definitely contains no DSL modem.

I got confused, as it supports PPPoE & PPTP, I thought it was a modem.
Thanks for the enlightment !

Hi stout.

How do you use the internet connection now ? What is the hardware used to connect ? ( brand/model of the modem )


My ISP transmits Internet and TV by Vlans. The internet service is to Vlan 10 and autentication/protocol is PPPoE, and in Vlan 20 provides de IPTV, however, the autentication/protocol of IPTV is IPoE.

I don't got it, how I can set IPoE in this OpenWRT. Is it possible ?
Can I install like a package of this service (IPoE) ?

I am looking forward ...
Thank you

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