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Topic: so what have you'll done with you wgt634u

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I'm very interested in this project. I wanted to know how you'll have utilized your wgt634u besides normal web surfing? (ex- network printing, voip, etc) Let me know what you'll have done. Thanks.

i have bricked TWO. just before the second one died I was about to buy another one.
surprisingly i WONT buy a third one...
now i have to find another box to buy. (something *RELIABLE* with JTAG)

Well, I don't think you'd find anything I've done with the WGT634U all that terribly interesting; I primarily use one of them as a router via wireless to the router that has the Internet connection.  I'm not sure what happened with leau, but I haven't had any problems with "bricking" the units - the only way I could see doing that is if you used the mtd, flash or similar command to overwrite the boot loader.  I've made a few interesting builds that didn't work quite so good, but using the serial console you should be able to take care of the problem.  Personally, I think the unit is a good starter unit as I believe all (mine did) include a serial console header on the PCB so you don't have to mess with soldering a header or wires (that can get interesting).  Get the USB cable from the Wiki Page and go to CompUSA and buy their sound card cable kit (it has the 4 pin connector included), strip some wire, twist'em and you're in business.  Kamikazee for the post part has been pretty reliable on the unit in my experience, but as the documentation says, make the serial console cable - personally, I think anybody who doesn't make a serial console cable or isn't prepared to is being a bit foolish or has too much money to burn...

I've bought 4 (re-furbed).   Two are running OpenWGT, booting and running off external 2.0 USB drives.   One has a Buffalo 160Gig, the other has a 80Gig Seagate.   Both are running Samba, and being used as a workgroup File servers.  Both have the full build chain installed, so I can compile anything I need.

Number three is a utility machine, it boots OpenWGT off a USB 512meg flash drive, again with the full build chain, just a smaller environment, and not have  to lug the external drive around.   

The 4th bricked on me, and I'm going to use the previous one, with some leads going between the comm ports to get into the CFE, if it's still alive, and see if I can bring it back to life.

So far, I'm pretty pleased with the usefulness of the boxes.



At my university they're doing a research project ( which mostly runs on WGT634Us.

My own WGT634U I'd like to use as a print server, maybe MP3 player (with Bluetooth headphones) and for VoIP (though I'm still having problems with the Bluetooth headset).

Henryk Plötz
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I use one WGT634U unit as the client for a wireless WDS bridge, so I can connect my KiSS DVD player to my network without having to put cables. The AP is a WRT54G v2.1. The 634 is running Kamikaze build, while the Linksys is running Whiterussion RC5. Works like a charm.


currently my four wgt's are all setup as a WDS mesh work.  one is by the media center, with a sound card and hard drive.  one is broken, snapped the ext. antenna cable, it used to by my car's wardriving kit, god bless kismet-server and gpsd.  one replaced that one in the car.  and the last is free floating.

I'm almost proud of my car unit, except I -still- hvae not bleeding gotten mpd/OSS working.  Pretty worthless without the tunes!  Working on a mpd-alsa compile now, slowly, painfully.  But heres the tree coming off the usb port:

-usb 2.0 hub
--300gb seagate 7200.9 on a usb-ide adapter
--cmedia CM-107 based usb sound card
--ati remote wonder rf remote control
--extension cable -> second hub between the two front seats
----ibm numeric keypad
----magellan gps on usb-serial adapter

Nuts eh?

i snapped off the external antenna cable i had jury rigged onto unit #4, so the car unit is just a omni now.  i'm in the market for a reasonable atheros based mini-pci card with external antenna adapter that'll hold me over till some rock ass atheros-based 802.11n gear starts rolling out.  might just go with a pcmcia instead though.

ove and Peace!

If any of you folks want to get rid of your bricked units, I'll take them :-)

I put Asterisk on them, and also have sawn off the external antennas, soldered on U.FL connectors, and use them as wireless clients on my little WISP.

I run a customized version of openWGT on them.  I really, really like them.   The USB port, and also the 200Mhz processor, and socketed radio interface, taken together, make this the near-ideal platform for the stuff I do.

I have been buying them refurbed.  I have heard various stories about whether or not they're in current production or have been EOLed.  Anyone know for sure?

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