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Topic: [SOLVED] TP-Link tl-wr1043nd v2.x disable reset button by software?

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I have an annoying user problem, which I want to disable. I hope this is possible.

I've found the following note on the wiki page:

Note2: From versions 1.8 up to 2.x holding the reset button for more than 30' resets to OpenWRT initial settings.

Is the built in reset controlled by software or by the hardware (SoC) of the router or is it a feature of OpenWRT?

I want to disable this button. Some people press the button for more than 30 seconds to get WPS working, because "WPS/Reset" is printed above the button and this way they reset the router to default configuration.

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fa11enangel wrote:

I have an annoying user problem, which I want to disable. I hope this is possible.

I believe the reset button is controlled by the boot loader or the hardware itself.
Your best option, imho, is to cover the hole with some sticky tape: this way, intentional use is still possible but you should be safe from casual mistakes.

Button events are handled by OpenWrt, even reset buttons.

Both Attitude Adjustment and Barrier Breaker have scripts in a special directory that are triggered by button presses. In Attitude Adjustment this directory is /etc/hotplug.d/button, in (a somewhat recent) Barrier Breaker it is /etc/rc.button. There should be a "reset" script in there that handles what happens when the reset button is pressed, either delete that (or even better, chmod -x it), or adjust it to your liking.

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You are right. I found the function in /etc/rc.button/reset. This was the line I removed:

# jffs2reset -y && reboot &

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