one user reported on IRC having a WNDR3800 with FW , a branded device it seems

He could not flash the factory fw of WNDR3800

according to GPL fw sources the router is called "WNDR3800CH" (MODEL_NAME)

so adding a line

Makefile:$(eval $(call SingleProfile,Netgear,64kraw,WNDR3800CH,wndr3800ch,WNDR3700,ttyS0,115200,$$(wndr3700v2_mtdlayout),0x33373031,WNDR3800CH,"",-H 29763654+16+128))

and modify the WNDR3800CH model to the Multiprofile line

$(eval $(call MultiProfile,WNDR3700,WNDR3700V1 WNDR3700V2 WNDR3800 WNDR3800CH WNDRMAC WNDRMACV2))

should create an image that can be flashed from factory firmware

PS: it's all untested - no guarantee it will work

feel free to test and send to the mailing list

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