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Topic: SOLVED: Dual Access PPPOE (Russian PPPOE) Setup on TL-WR841ND

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I installed openwrt (Attitude Adjustment 12.09) on a TL-WR841ND and the installation went through fine.

But, I could not figure out how to setup a Dual Access PPPoE (also called "Russia PPPoE") using luci(?).

Just wanted to check if anyone could please share their configuration.


Below from the NetShe documentation (this is the only relevant documentation I could find about "Dual Access PPPoE"):

Dual Access
The term dual access is not used in NETSHe, although the mechanism, which is meant by
it by some manufacturers, is implemented in NETSHe
Dual access means a two-staged connection with the Internet service provider (uplink):
• connection to the provider through Ethernet-interface to assign an IP-address,
routes, etc. with DHCP or with static settings.
•connection with the use of the protocol group like “point-to-point”, (PPPoE, PPTP,
L2TP) on the second stage
Connection to the provider network is carried out through Ethernet-port ; an IP-address,
routes, name servers are assigned to the client by the provider. Upon completion of the
first stage of connection a client gets access to the internal resources of the provider, but
not to the Internet.
On the second stage the connection through PPTP or L2TP protocols is established with
the assignment of a new default route, new name servers and a new IP-address on the
new interface ( named pppX). Upon completion of the second stage a client obtains
access to the Internet. This two-staged connection is implemented in NETSHe, as shown
in the documentation examples

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What exactly is the configuration you are trying to set up?

The discussion might have continued from here.