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Topic: Actiontec C1000A. I have console and I'm not afraid to break stuff :-)

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Also to topic on the topic of backup/restore.. Not sure the best way to backup with a stock configuration but if you do brick the device and need to restore - just download the current firmware from Century Link then upload using TFTP from CFE. On the C1000A the command would be similar to 'w'. … 30L.76.img

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The main problem for supporting this router is the NAND flash. Still no support for broadcom nand flashes in the kernel, but it will supported soon or later. There are already patches for this part, maybe in a few weeks it will be officially supported.

Another problem will be the bootloader, because it lives in the same rootfs partition in the original firmware. In openwrt probably this binary can't be included in the images. Noltari is currently working on this problem.

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Sounds like we are close so that is good to hear smile

Would be glad to test anything if needed also.

Just renewed my service for 1 more year.  Any news on support for the c1000a?

I have a couple of spare Actiontec c1000a modems I could donate to the cause.

DingbatCA wrote:

I have console and can wonder around.

So did you actually connect via a ttl serial cable or are you just telneted in?  Has anyone been able to connect via serial?

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