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Topic: OpenWRT on DG834G initial ip

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I'm trying to install the AR7 port of OpenWRT on my DG834Gv2.
I built it from the today SVN version (3599) and flashed the image on the device (openwrt-dg834-2.4-squashfs.img).
But I don't know if it was successful as I can't get telnet access. I tried the old IP ( and also but it doesn't work.
Thanks for any help.


I guess you flashed the image thru the Web interface, and I think you should've done it thru the FTP server in the ADAM2 boot. But that's also my problem, right after booting with "my_ipaddress 192.168.x.1" (x=0 or 1) added to the /proc/ticfg/env file, I cannot get to the ADAM2 FTP server port 21.
Can anyone help us?

Thanks in advance

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