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Topic: Another brick in the wall? wgt634U

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Seems that I too have bricked my 634U. I had Openwgt installed, something went wrong when updating the package list - don't ask me what, but afterwards there was nearly nothing left on the mounted partitions...
Since then, I have cut up two mobile phone data cables (one serial and one USB) and get no response when connecting with ms hyperterm, minicom or screen. I have wired the cables as described on nomis, sarwiki et al., set the parameters to 115200 8N1, no or software flow control - nothing.
In addition, I noticed that there is a voltage of about 3.3 volt on both the RX _and_ the TX pin of the wgt's serial port. Can somebody please confirm whether this is normal? Besides, does anybody have any idea what I might have done wrong and what else I could try to get a serial console?

Grateful for every hint,

Hi Maf.

Seems like you did an ipkg upgrade with an old firmware. It results with a very beautiful Kernel Panic smile Ya I know, it's not only the kernel who panics but you too (I was into the same position about 2 weeks ago).

If you have the chance to obtain an official Siemens C55 datacable, cut it off. There is like 7 wires inside it.

Go to the link below to find the pinouts :

Here are the interesting ones :

Vcc = Red
Tx = Black
Rx = Orange
Gnd = Brown

Hope this will help you.

Hi givemelove,

thanks for the tips. I am not sure what did it in the end, but resetting the wgt634U by holding down the reset button for two minutes - first while running and then directly before connecting the power - and letting it rest on my desk while looking for an asus wl-500g deluxe on the net wink seems to have worked. I haven't changed my cable wiring or minicom settings or anything - but I finally got the CFE smile
It's still weird, but at least it works again and I'm currently (a) happy and (b) in the process of compiling openWRT...

thanks again,

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