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Topic: TP-LINK tl-wr841n problems

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I just installed Openwrt Attitude Adjustment in a brand new v8.4 TP LINK tl-841N router.

Right now, I'm facing three major problems which I'm not able to solve.

1) The DNS entries are automatically populated to /tmp/ and dnsmasq is supposed to populate it's entries from this file. But, for some weird reason this is not happening. I tried various solution posted online, including restarting dnsmasq as root, but nothing worked. The only thing that seems to work, is to copy the entries from this file to /etc/resolv.conf. But, when I connect to a new network, I would have to repeat the whole process.

2) Even when DNS is working in the router (because of copying entries to /etc/resolv.conf), my computer which is connected to the router via the LAN port is not able to resolve DNS. In the computer's resolv.conf, the router's ip is given as the name server. Still, DNS is not working.

3) After about 10 minutes from starting the router, the WAN connection just hangs. The LAN is working perfectly, but any communication to the Internet becomes impossible. I try pinging to external IPs from the router and all the packets are dropped. To solve this, I have to restart the router. But after restarting, the same problem again happens within a few minutes.

All these problems make my router totally unstable now. It would be of great help if someone could suggest solutions for the above problems.

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