Hi Everyone,

I need to connect an external 56Kbps modem to one of my WGT643UNAR units through the J7 serial console. I understand that I need to build a serial console cable using the MAX3241 chip and connect this serial console to an external 56kbps modem. I am pretty sure this is a very straightforward issue here; however, I just wanted to be sure that I don't do any asininity here to cause damages to the router. So, the questions I have are as follows:

1. Has anyone tried this before? If so, any particular thing I should avoid to cause problems?

2. Once I built the cable interface, can anyone point to me how to I go to configure this router to automatically access the modem to detect the line and dial the ISP number? Also, a trick to cut the connection if the line has been idle for X minutes will also be nice to know.

Many thanks.