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Topic: RC5:WE800G non-existent WAN port must not be disabled or you brick it!

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RC5 will bring up the WE800G with eth1 as WAN and LAN as br0, but the br0 consist of 2 interfaces eth2 and eth1!
This is obviously not correct as it can not have WAN and LAN on the same ports.

I've just bricked 2 of these devices just by setting "nvram set wan_proto=none".

I've hard time understanding what I must do or not do with the WAN and LAN ports.

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I installed a squashfs image to those boxes, but I can not get into the fail safe mode as well.

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I had the same problem after I miss-configure the IP address and MAN/WAN interface.  I believe the reset buttom on the WE800G is different than other boxes.  Therefore, the reset bottom does not reset the nvram.  I recover my by building a custom firmware that "hardcode" the NVRAM seting.


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