after some readings and thanks to Whiterat patch i was able to install Openwrt on this little A5-V11 3G router (you can find more specs on my-embedded.blogspot)
Soon i discovered 4MB flash wasn't enough for me to run the graphical interface LuCI and all programs i'd like to start on it, so the question for all the hardware guru here is: can i upgrade flash size capacity with a bigger one? I see something similar was done for the WR703

In my case  the code on flash it's "Pm25LQ032", searching i was able only to find this table but now my competences end here, and i don't know if i can simply buy a Pm25LQ128 and replace with the original one (i see volts and freq are the same). Or better if i can find a compatible one (8/16MB) and maybe more common flash on ebay for example.

Thanks for your interest & happy hacking smile

Pics here:


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