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Topic: can't load library '

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I am relatively new to linux and so to openwrt. I managed cross compiling a package that we developed for openwrt. However I get the following error when I start the program after successfully installing it with ipkg:

can't load library '

I would appreciate any help

many thanks

Burak Simsek

You should link your executable against uclibc++. Take a look at other c++ source-based packages like nmap or kismet to see how you can achieve this.

Many thanks Nico ! This worked... Now our package is running over openwrt...

Also remember to install the package: libstdcpp.

Just for clarity:

you can either install libstdcpp with

opkg update
opkg install libstdcpp

or link your executable agains uclibc++

Right? I just installed libstdcpp and it worked fine, i just wonder if that's the most efficient way.

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