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Topic: access luci through wifi

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Hi everybody!

I can access luci via cable lan with no provlem. I can also access it via wifi if the tplink mr3040 is set in AP mode. But it doestn work if it is set in client mode.

Client mode wifi gets lan ip address If i access this address via browser i dont see anything. BUT if i connect the cable and the wifi then i can access luci at both the ip addresses. As soon as i disconnect the cable both stop working. But thw router IS connected in wifi client mode at the lan..

Any idea why and how to fix? I need to access it via lan without connecting the cable and keeping it in client mode wifi..


In order to fix this i had to go into the interfaces and change the LAN interface and assign wifi to it.

i would like to keep the LAN interface too if possible..

Could somebody please explain to me what this actually means and why it beheaves like that?

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