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Topic: Dlink DGS-1210 switch series

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Sorry for this late reply.

I tried hours and hours, and then days to connect to serial line on all of my switches (bought on purpose).

Unfortunately, I don't have the required SPI bus analysis tools to connect to the Switch. Any help appreciated.

Supporting a vast range of switches would be the last frontier for OpenWRT. This is silly to think that all those switches are Open Source and we can't connect to the serial console.

I posted a question on D-Link support website:

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I am back on the issue ...

Here is a build log of D-Link opensource kernel: … 296dddc28d

I had to set-up a Fedora core 3 host as requested.
Each version of the firmware has dependencies, but most recent firmware compile under Ubuntu 10.4 LTS.

Creation of the image fails at last command.

Anyhow, it demonstrates that the D-Link 1210 series are a good candidate to port to OpenWRT.

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Not the exact same switch, but I managed to compile a kernel for the DGS-1500-52 with D-Link's source.

I've put the DGS-1500 in the Wiki.

If you get this working I'd be super happy. I got my hands on a dgs-1210-24 and would love to get openwrt going instead of the quite clunky admin interface that runs on the switch.

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