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Hi all,

I'm searching study material on wireless controllers based on OpenWRT.
Does anyone ever worked on such kind of device?

I'm particularly interested in a schema where a generic computer can be used as controller, running a (somehow) modified version of OpenWRT, and several openwrt specialized devices --- like a TL-WA901ND --- work as lightweight APs.


try opencapwap

Hi, sorry the late response.
I'm investigating opencapwap. But, unless I'm wrong, opencapwap is, now, a module to hostapd, not a complete wireless controller solution. Is it right?

MESHdesk, to a limited extent, can be considered a wireless controller for OpenWRT-based APs, though it specialises in mesh capabilities.

Back here... finally had time to try out MESHdesk.
Unfortunately, this is not what I need. MESHdesk will act as a central coordination point to the Mesh network, not as a central Access Point.

My problem is that we have a situation where several APs will be covering the same area, so users will roam from one of them to the others. We also want to offer a HotSpot with guest access, so we need a central, unique captive portal system.

Is this situation too much unusual?

I think you need some kind of captive portal solution.
Search wifidog and authpuppy.

Yes, I need it, but I need it ***out of the device***, because I need that users may roam from one device to other with no need to re-authenticate, understand?

RADIUSdesk - which provides the infrastructure for MESHdesk - runs an instance of CoovaChilli on the "controller" machine, which would suit your purpose.

If you choose the VM-based deployment, the basic VM already has all of these bits installed, in addition to having the two network adapters pre-configured.

To me, the true value of RADIUSdesk is that it incorporates a proper GUI to manage end-user credentials.

if you looking for management software try openwisp

Lookup ubiquiti networks and the Unifi APs - these do what you need and the controller is FoC.

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