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Topic: Netgear WGT634U - HOW TO restore firmware?

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i just bought a WGT634U, and when i see the roofnet project, i was interested.
now, it's flashed to roofnet, but i can't flash back to original firmware because there is not such setting.
i emailed the people who maintain this project and they told me Roofnet is based on openWRT.
since then, they haven't reply my emails about how to restore the firmware.

i checked this site for guide to restore firmware, and it seems like i can only do so with a serial console.
is this true, that i only have one way, the serial console, to restore to the original netgear rom?

also, do i need a Linux OS?

Some versions of roofnet are based on OpenWRT. That is, the 2.0.x series. The earlier ones are not. Which did you use? If you weren't sure, you should have used the 1.6 series. Why do you want to remove roofnet, anyhow?
If you want to go back to the NetGear firmware, you can do it by following the instructions on - but you'll need the console cable for this.

it's the new 2.x series.
i mean, i thought i can have control of the router, but i don't. not even a bit. wifi doesn't work, USB doiesn't work, and there is no roofnet around me anyway. so no point to use it.

any other way beside doing a serial console? i really don't know how to make things like that.

You also need to understand about the serial console. The client is connected to the router via a serial conection and it is like typing into an old style computer terminal using commands.  You interact with CFE which is the bootloader program. You don't need particular operating system on the client.

All instructions can be found in the Wiki. And yes a serial console is required to restore the original Netgear firmware.

See OpenWrtDocs/Hardware/Netgear/WGT634U.

ok, so CFE will work under windowsXP?

also, let say, i use these code:

CFE> setenv -p kernel_args "console=ttyS1,115200 root=/dev/ram0 init=linuxrc rw syst_size=8M"
*** command status = 0
CFE> ifconfig eth0 -addr= -mask=;
Device eth0:  hwaddr 00-0F-B5-0E-49-D6, ipaddr, mask
        gateway not set, nameserver not set
*** command status = 0

do i type everything in, or just type "CFE>"'s  part?

sorry i'm a noob.

i can't find a program call CFE.
i got the serial consloe set up, now just need the software to type the command.
please help

CFE is not a program but a WGT634U running mode. You need to keep pressing control+C in a tty program running in your computer, previously opening in the program the serial port where you connected the serial cable comming from the router, while connecting WGT634U power supply to enter CFE mode.

so what program do i need to read cfe?
please name some prgrams that i need so i can continues this project. thanks.

i am using windows xp, but if i need linux, i'll install linux.

ok, this answer some of my uestion, the program is HpyerTerminal
ok, once i click that under WindowsXP, it asked me to enter a name and choose icon? so i just bullshit a name and random icon?
then i just follow those steps?

i wish there is a a easier guide for noobs to follow.

ok, i press down on the Control + C while the router is booting up, but nothing shows on the screen.
i use a Samsun R225 serial cable, which has pinout as this:

still, i can't tell which cable is what. now, i onlt connect using the wifi to connect to rx tx and ground.

so is my serial console not working?

ok, great, i spent 8 dollars and bought the serial cable is not working, now i used a sony erricson phone USB cable and got the console up. i can now access the CFE, and able to set the ifconfig.

the hard thing is now, do i need to host a tftp server on my computer? also, the lan must connect to the WGT634U's WAN?

i am so lost about the part flashing the netgear firmware.

ok, it's flashjing the first part of the firmware now, but how do i split the firmware? using "dd"?? where i type that? i use a program call Tftp32

yes, finally, it's done. i got it. thanks people.

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