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Topic: Unbrick TP-Link WA-701nd v2 "without serial port "

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If your router brick on frimware update ...


no ping ....

no factory setting ...

no reset...

i bricked my wa701 v2 on frimware update power loss....

until now..  smile

unbrick wa701nd  :

necessary equipment  ;

pc ip address must be  ; gateway should be and netmask

tftp server must be active.

main folder "root folder" in server    "mr3020v1_tp_recovery.bin"   must have " openwrt.bin " the file name.

i renamed  the file " 701v2_open_wrt.bin"   to   "mr3020v1_tp_recovery.bin"
wa701 be opened by pressing the factory reset button.

wa701 receive the updates via TFTP file and restart.

that's all ...

i think all  dead tp-link returnable  to life thats way ...


i thanks to developer "wireshark developers" to find ip adress and need files too.  requested .....  and uploaded ....

sorry my very bad english  smile

if you need wireshark   data is here ;

for  testing.... … est.pcapng

for uploading .... … oad.pcapng

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Thanks. That sounds like useful info.
I almost flashed one of my TP-Link devices during a power outage today.
I.e. i was just about to hit submit when the power went off.
So now I'm simply subscribing to this thread as something to try if needed.

Cheers smile

Thank you for your help,

Follows the historical Wireshark first pressed by just 3secs and the second held.

1 -
2 -

In other attempts to connect CP2102 and the puty mostando "strange characters" when I held the reset longer he made several consecutive uploads and took longer to restart, at another time it did not happen more.ento isso não aconteceu mais.

PunBB bbcode test

from line 15723   rom transfer seems ok.

after flashing the board should restart itself and boot into OpenWrt.

because frimware is working .

unplug the power, wait a bit, replug, the system should be freshly working...

please wait 1-2 minute for ready router.

if still router seems not working  ;

maybe rom.bin file is damaged or wrong file. please check  md5.

it must be openwrt or factory image file.

please try another .bin file



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