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Topic: Firefly FireWrt - interesting AC1200 beast

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has anyone got their hands on Firefly FireWrt [1] with Mediatek MT7621A dual core MIPS 1004Kc processor?

Specs look really interesting, but my concern is wifi driver maturity and general reliability. Any comments on reliability of Mediatek platform?

I haven't had experience with and device using Mediatek SoC so any insights are appreciated.

Also there is currently a Beta program open so you can get demo board for 69$ [2], I'm sure they will gladly send these boards to advanced OpenWrt users.

[1] … processor/
[2] … mp;tid=543

I received this from FireFly:

We are grateful for your constant concern about FireWRT. We have been putting a lot of effort on this project with high product standard since its launch at August, 2014.
We try our best to improve hardware design and work on every detail, with one goal in mind: make FireWRT the best product.
Since the engineering prototypes of FireWRT come to the market, we keep testing repeatedly, never giving up any single bug. We have shown our passion in pursuing an excellent product to our supporters, despite of the long engineering time.
However, we have to say that the cost of producing the FireWRT has greatly exceeded our expectation. Comparing to traditional router makers, we have no advantage of cutting down the cost with bulk purchase. Yet we cannot lower down the standards or use bad quality components to cut down the cost, which is against our goal of providing you a product with good quality.
Further more, many enterprises need to modify the hardware based on our design to meet their requirements. In order to meet this demand of customization, and let our supporters to control the quality of products, we decide to make public available all the design files of FireWRT, include the hardware and software, realizing the open source concept of Firefly team. All of you can customize a real product which belongs to you.  So we are not going to produce the FireWRT.
We are welcome all of you to maintain the hardware and the software of FireWRT. We hope more and more developers join this Open hardware platform and build a real OpenWRT platform. For more information please visit our official website of FireWRT at . Thank you.

So they just gave up? sad

Hi all,

In which tool are designed hardware files for FireWRT?
It seems to me that is OrCAD, but I'm not sure.
Can someone post files in Altium?


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