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Topic: EA3500 Chaos Calmer RC1 Firmware?

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I am new to openwrt and am looking for some guidance on which firmware to download for my EA3500, as I am not familiar with the naming conventions. 

According to the hardware page the EA3500 is supported by Chaos Calmer however I'm a little unsure of which exact firmware to flash.  As I see "kirkwood" showing up in the bootlogs I would assume to start in that folder, potentially with one of these images.  Which image is the correct one?

In case it's important; my router is currently "stock" and is running the latest firmware ( from cisco. 

Any guidance is appreciated.

Bump help pleas

Come on people can you even flash this router? I cant find any more info about how to do it!

Unless you're willing to build OpenWrt yourself your best bet would be to pick up a pre-built image from the following location:  I successfully loaded using the instructions on that page.   

If you build OpenWrt yourself you'll likely need serial access in order to install as I don't believe the build process creates the file format expected by the stock firmware.

Hi thanks for the link do you no what version of openwrt thos builds are and wen you have flashed can you update in any way?

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Is luci in this build?

Luci is in the build.  There is a link to his github page which has his patches to openwrt.

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