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Topic: Inteno DG301B

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Starting a topic for this.

Added information on this page:

Its already running OpenWRT, but would be nice with a clean OpenWRT build on it.

here is some problems could be to use this board on clean OpenWRT.
NAT: iopsys use hardware NAT, it more faster than typical OpenWRT on processor NAT.(max could be 300-400mbps)
DSL: Broadcom does not give driver source.

Putting the DSL files manually will fix the DSL driver problem i guess.


I'm not proficient in WRT compiling etc. Can anyone share working OpenWRT firmware for this device? Just to feed it into firmware upgrade web page on DG301B-R1. It seems like it could be good for me to have PPPoE option for WAN interface, otherwise this device can only work with Eidsiva provider. I need to use it with other provider.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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