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Topic: Support of TP Link TD-W9980

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I want to flash my modem/router TP-Link TD-W9980 with Open WRT.
I added a target TD-W8980 in file of OpenWRT build with this help : … 28131.html (W8980 has the same material as the W9980)
I patch the wifi drivers 2.4 GhZ with this help : … 07#p256207 but I can't patch the wifi drivers 5 GhZ because I can't find the drivers.
In this post : … 07#p274107 ; lpm11 explain that but I don't understand how to add them to the compilation of OpenWRT.

According to the flash, I bought a serial cable but I have some questions: TP-Link firmware is signed with an RSA key, the procedure described in the wiki the W8970 ( is always good for the W9980? (address of RAM, rootFS...)

What is the procedure for saving the firmware to restore in case of problems?

As soon as I would have the information and I would have tested, I could complete the wiki and share my firmware.

Thank you in advance for your reply,


Help, is that someone has an idea ?
Thank you


Same thing for me !

I tried to connect with usb/ttl console connection but it didn't worked : no display on the putty console.

Any help would be really helpful.

@Adrien54 : it should be great to have a fonctionnal openwrt firmware for this device as the vdsl is quite widespread in France and this type of equipment (at this price) is rare on the market. (by the way, are you from France ?)

Thanks for any help on this,

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Ok, I changed my usb/ttl cable and it's working. I have openwrt installed on my W9980 !

Adrien54, for this, I followed this section : … t_to_flash

But now, I don't know how to use Wifi because it's not working and I don't know how to "patch" the firmware.

Other think really important : how to make working the VDSL ? I followed this topic but it didn't worked :


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Yes I'm French.
Good for your installation, I will try to install it in my W9980 tomorrow. I tried to boot directly in Ram, it doesn't work.
Have you used the W8970 firmware ?
I have compiled a firmware for the 8980/9980 with patchs, but I haven't tested yet.
If you want, I can share the firmware.



Ok ! good ! I hope we will finaly make this device working with openwrt !

Yes, I used the TDW8970 firmware from the openwrt repos (because it is very similar to this device, from what I have read).

I made a memo/tuto for what I've done on it (in french) :

We can share the work on it and after that I will write a tuto on the openwrt website (if it's working wink ).

I'm not aware of this forum and I don't know how to get direct contact with other members… du coup, j'ai mis mon mail en bas de la page de mon wiki (lien ci-dessus) wink

Thanks !



I have sucessfuly install OpenWRT for 8970 in my 9980 Router but Wifi don't work yet.
Now I want to build my own firmware with patched drivers (ath9k)
For the moment, it doesn't work (error with pci, I use that patch : … 8130.html)

Je voulais t'écrire un mail mais ton wiki ne fonctionne plus (j'ai eu accès hier mais plus aujourd'hui)



Great that it works (partially sad )
But do you have some VDSL working on it or both DSL and wifi doesn't work ?

Effectivement, mon apache était tout cassé car j'ai essayé des choses hier. Merci pour l'info, mon wiki doit maintenant remarcher.

Adrien54, as-tu continué à travailler sur le sujet ?

up ?


Now I have an image with 2.4 Ghz Wifi working.
I have use that patch : … 27#p247727 and I have recompiled a new image of OpenWRT.

If someone are interested by my firmware, I can share it.

Next Step : Wifi 5 Ghz (apparently hard!) and VDSL support.



Now the VDSL is working fine.
I can share my image and I will wrote instrcution for the Wiki.

Wifi 5 Ghz doesn't works if anybody have an idea...

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I'm very interested in the compiled firmware - is it fully functional? Is there any way of using the utility on the original firmware to flash OpenWRT i.e. without Serial connector?

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@Adrien54 how are you getting on?


The compiled version is fully fonctional expect the Wifi 5 Ghz.
For the flash, the u-boot is protected by Tp-Link, so you can't use the original firmware to flash OpenWRT.

I will share my version soon and write the tuto to install it.


Sorry @Adrien54, any update on this?  TP-LINK's own firmware is killing me they didn't bother including a bloody DNS server yikes yikes

Any update?

Hi Adrien,
can you share your image image?


i'm interested too!
Any update?
thanks smile

too bad that no ones updates this post anymore

I'm interested in support for this modem router as well, at least the ADSL/VDSL access and switch pieces (I can cover wifi with ArcherC7 routers behind it), for the moment.

Hi, I'm interested to provide a weekly image for td-w9980 from trunk, I'm waiting my device and a ttl converter, there is someone interested to test and validate the build in the waiting time to test it myself?

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