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Topic: OpenWRT for router Asus DSL N16U

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Hi All.

Help me please.
Is it possible to install Asus RT-16N OpenWRT image on Asus DSL-N16U ? If yes, then will it work well?
Thank you.

It's totally different underlying hardware. It would brick the device.

How can I receive firmware OpenWRT for Asus DSL-N16U? Will it in the soon future?

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You'll have to implement it yourself or find someone else willing.

I think it is very uncommon that the DSL-parts of any device is supported. Perhaps it is better you leave your DSL device with its factory firmware, configure it in "bridge" mode or whatever they call it, and put a compatible OpenWrt-router behind it (that is how my network is configured).

If you want to contribute to supporting it:
1) Document it. Add what you know on the wiki. Create a device page. Put information there. If you open your device and photograph the internals that can help also (perhaps someone else already did it and you can find pictures on wikidevi or somewhere).
2) Donate a device to a developer.

There is information on the Wiki about how to support a new device. It is probably built on an already known and working Platform + target.

Many Lantiq-based DSL router/modems support the DSL side of things with OpenWrt. I don't think any others are supported. Your advice is good in general though, but there are some slight advantages for SQM QoS using a router with a supported integrated modem.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi lamzov!

I've updated the hardware informations on the wiki based on what I could find on the web...

Could you document more...?
Did you were able to find the serial connector?
Have you some photos of the circuit board to share?

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