Does anybody happen to have a known working image for a Fritzbox 7170? I've tried quite a few builds, but I can't seem to get one running on the device. It's especially unclear to me whether I should add a checksum (with tichksum) to the build or not. I've tried multiple scripts and using ftp manually to get the image onto the device. When I read the image back from the device, the md5sums match, so I'm sure that there's no problem with the flash chip in the Fritzbox.

When I try to build OpenWRT from trunk I get of errors like:

tree-mudflap.o:(.rodata+0xe8): undefined reference to `gt_ggc_m_P9tree_node4htab(void*)'
tree-mudflap.o:(.rodata+0xf0): undefined reference to `gt_pch_n_P9tree_node4htab(void*)'

Should I open a ticket for that? My system is a pretty standard Ubuntu Trusty installation, so I think it's a FTBFS bug.