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Topic: GL.iNet Domino Pi

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The Domino Pi with the 3x USB / MicroSD Combo Tile has only normal 1 usb connector, and 2 5-pin headers for the other 2 usb ports. I've ordered this: … SwPe1T1vjN

I don't expect to get it for a month. In the meantime, I have some USB female connector parts--how would I wire one to get a second usb connection?

My domino is also on it's way, didn't order the USB board, but i expect the USB header is compatible with the PC internal USB headers.  I think i have seen some pinout images but i can't find them in the docs right now.

I'll add a few links to my first post.

indeed a pinout diagram seems to be missing (or at least I can't find it either)
Do you already have an account on the GL.iNet forum?  If you ask there i'm sure someone can give a pinout of the USB header.

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Thanks for looking. I tried to register for the GL.iNet forum, but never got the registration email (not in spam folder either). Documentation says same as PC motherboard front panel USB, but I don't know what that is either. Too bad they didn't ship cables with the 3xUSB board.

What if you request a new password there?

I think the pinout is 'standard'
so that a USB cardreader , internal USB etc. can be plugged in … -152-p.jpg
But yea, then you still need to know the right way around.

frietpan-thanks very much for your investigations and followup. On the thread you linked to, … #post-5042 , I'd like to ask them to resend my email for signon ID of "lyzby", but of course, can't post without being able to log in

Those usb plugins in the above post look good--where did you find them?

Thanks also for the pinout info. 5 pins inline confused me--4 significant pins make sense.

I'm just collecting stuff that should go into the wiki one way or another.

The USB header is actually 9 pin 1 pin is a 'notch' so that the connector just fits the right way around. Although most mainboards use the 10 pin shrouded header. 

So have a good look at the pins, and find the ground pin. Then you know the right way around.

BTW You could email I'm sure they will help you out with the forum account.
Alzhao is looking in to the issue but there is also someone else with a similar issue.  All i can do is pass the message, so an email to them may be a faster solution.

Thanks, frietpan, for the email address. I've sent a request.

Thanks Alzhao and frietpan--I'm now logged in. But my question about the 10-pin usb connector pinout has been answered above, so I'll continue lurking.

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