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Topic: WL-500gP: Enough CPU speed for Samba, ed2k, print server and QoS?

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Although I am no linux novice and I believe that the installation should work without problems:
I've never used OpenWRT before and cannot estimate how much CPU power (and other hardware) is needed for the following services (at the same time, of course):

- Serving a samba share by accessing a connected USB 2.0 drive
- Running an ed2k client (like AMule)
- Running a print server (the printer would also be attached by USB) - this feature would not be used often.
- Connecting to the internet via 6016/512 kbit/s DSL
- Performing NAT for the ethernet ports and the WLAN card
- Running a netfilter/iptables firewall
- Performing traffic shaping via QoS

Would an ASUS WL-500g Premium (the hardware table says untested, this thread suggests it works) be sufficient for all that?
I currently have a Siemens SE505 which is obviously unfit for those tasks, so I need to buy a new appliance anyway.

I would appreciate an answer concerning the WL-500gP as well as alternative suggestions for the appliance.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

I have an WL-500gP here. After a few modifications OpenWrt runs fine. I think the CPU should be able to handle all these things. I want to do similar things with my ASUS, but at the moment I don't have much time to work with it.

At the moment I only have a 1GB USB-Stick attached running Samba, NFS and WLAN. The other tings will follow soon.

Here is the output of top:

Mem: 29468K used, 1088K free, 0K shrd, 424K buff, 21004K cached
Load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00    (State: S=sleeping R=running, W=waiting)

 2256 root     S        600   485  0.5  1.9 dropbear
 2269 root     R        396  2257  0.5  1.2 top
  491 root     S        920     1  0.0  3.0 smbd
  489 root     S        916     1  0.0  2.9 nmbd
  520 root     S        520     1  0.0  1.7 rpc.nfsd
  518 root     S        484     1  0.0  1.5 rpc.mountd
  400 root     S        468     1  0.0  1.5 nas
 2257 root     S        436  2256  0.0  1.4 ash
  485 root     S        400     1  0.0  1.3 dropbear
  488 root     S        380     1  0.0  1.2 httpd
  503 root     S        372     1  0.0  1.2 udhcpc
    1 root     S        368     0  0.0  1.2 init
   74 root     S        368     1  0.0  1.2 init
  478 nobody   S        364     1  0.0  1.1 dnsmasq
   72 root     S        348     1  0.0  1.1 logger
   75 root     S        344     1  0.0  1.1 syslogd
  517 root     S        344     1  0.0  1.1 crond
  377 root     S        328     1  0.0  1.0 wifi
  514 1        S        320     1  0.0  1.0 portmap
 2200 root     S        308     1  0.0  1.0 vsftpd
   77 root     S        304     1  0.0  0.9 klogd
  499 root     S        260     1  0.0  0.8 telnetd
  211 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 usb-storage-0
    4 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 kswapd
    5 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 bdflush
    3 root     SWN        0     1  0.0  0.0 ksoftirqd_CPU0
    9 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 mtdblockd
  146 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 khubd
  212 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 scsi_eh_0
   50 root     SWN        0     1  0.0  0.0 jffs2_gcd_mtd4
    2 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 keventd
    6 root     SW         0     1  0.0  0.0 kupdated

I hope my post is helpfull.


Thanks for the info!
I think I will buy the WL-500gP now.

What are the modifications you talked about?

Best regards,

Search the forums.

You need to set a few nvram variables, to make it correctly identify the network interfaces.

The CPU should be plenty fast for everything you mention - maybe except amule.

I havent seen any amule/emule/edonkey binaries for OpenWrt thus far, but if you find any I'll like to check it out.

Bittorrent works fine using ctorrent though.

first i want to get usb printer sharing running or had someone already success?

Marek, how did you learn which CPU is used in wl-500g premium? i'd like to know if wl-500g deluxe has the same one or less powerful .. and also does anydoby know how much memory do wl-500g deluxe and premius have?

marduk wrote:

Marek, how did you learn which CPU is used in wl-500g premium? i'd like to know if wl-500g deluxe has the same one or less powerful .. and also does anydoby know how much memory do wl-500g deluxe and premius have?

I've already found an answer on the Wiki, thanks.

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Thanks for the answers. My WL-500gP is now up and running! :-)
(without ed2k client because I don't have a spare USB HDD yet)

without ed2k client because there is no ed2k client available for OpenWrt yet.....

That too, of course :-)

any news about overcloking abilities of wl-500gP?

well i dont really have news per se but i can tell you dont overclock it to 300mhz because it doesnt like it, trust me well at least mine didnt after i oc'ed it it wont boot now and without a jtag there is little you can do to bring it back oddly i can get it to respond to pings while in recovery mode but as of yet its quite dead, my data cable will be here soon so we'll see if i can revive it via serial

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