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Topic: Unknown cheap OpenWRT Hardware, anyone has seen this?

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Hello guys, I found on ebay this board based on the atheros chipset, however I cannot seem to make it work, according to the docs it needs only a 3.3v power but nothing happens when I connect the energy, not even on UART pins, I was wondering if anyone has seen this?

Image … 00x200.jpg

well yeah, it's the same company I took the documents from, I was hoping anyone already made it work

that is because the serial pins of the cpu are not connected anywhere.

Really?, where did you see the connections?

Shahid wrote:

that is because the serial pins of the cpu are not connected anywhere.

Datasheet say: Pins 37+38 = UART_RX + UART_TX

I happen to work on this module too.  I connected 3v3 and ground but can not see any comms on uart. Is the skw71 flashed with anything out of manufacture?

Anyone managed to get it to work?

I have some of these.  You need a 3v3 TTL serial to USB converter.  Serial port works.  username=root, password=5up.  any ideas on how to flash a newer version of openwrt on this?

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Were i can find these modules .. I would like to try

I have been working on these as well. Really neat little board available from Skylab.

Note that you need to connect pins 1 and 29 to get it to power up. That's explained on this page below.

As mentioned above use a 3.3v usb to uart board. user root password 5up.

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